We have made a major decision to create a large ecosystem on Stellarโ€™s client layer. We believe that, in addition to the DAO-managed core of Stellar, a community-governed ecosystem must be present on the client-side. To this end and to create a powerful ecosystem, we have decided to mint Rabet tokens (RBT) to turn our community members into stakeholders in the value that Rabet creates.

What Is RBT

RBT is a governance token for Rabet, minted on to enable community growth and participation.

Asset code: RBT

Asset issuer: GCMSCRWZ...H7LPSOYS

Total supply: 100,000,000 RBT

Blockchain: Stellar

Token Allocation

50% for ecosystem reward

Rabet is a community-led project, and we want to illustrate this fact by distributing RBT among community members. Our goal is to give 50% of the supply to the users via various programs.

The rewards incentivize holding, providing liquidity, and hunting bugs.

10% for the team.

These tokens are allocated to the development team.

10% for marketing.

These tokens will be used for Rabetโ€™s branding, advertising, B2B partnerships, and exchange listing fees.

10% for public sale

These tokens are allocated to the community and will be distributed to members of the community as a public sale.

20% for Pre-sale.

These tokens are allocated to investors who intend to invest in Rabet for the long term.

Token Circulation

RBT use cases

1. Governance

RBT holders can vote on major community issues and participate in the development via a portal that will be built in the near future.

2. Bug report bounty

To incentivize the community to assist us in the development process, we have allocated 10% of the supply (10,000,000 RBT) for bug bounties. The bug must be reported via a pull request on Github, and its bounty depends on the severity.

3. Pool reward

As another measure to encourage participation, we have allocated 10% of the supply (10,000,000 RBT) to users who provide liquidity to the RBT/XLM and RBT/USDC pools. Rewards will be distributed every month.

4. Holder reward

As a way to reward loyal Rabet users and RBT holders, we have allocated another 10% of the supply (10,000,000 RBT) to users who have RBT in their wallets. The rewards will be distributed every month in proportion to the number of tokens in your wallet.

Note: To qualify for this reward, you need to hold at least 1,000 RBT.

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