Misson and Values


Rabet's mission is to facilitate interaction. This has been our objective from the first day we started developing Rabet in 2020. Rabet's structure is built entirely around this goal.

This interaction consists of two parts:

  1. Allowing users to interact with the network and performing all operations in a user-friendly environment.

  2. Allowing users to interact with Stellar's applications and signature of transactions in a safe environment.

Problem and Solution


Enabling interactions in the Stellar ecosystem between users and the Stellar network and users with Stellar network applications


Establishing a layer between the network and users. The layer is made of a set of various clients on different platforms.

The advantage distinguishing Rabet from other clients is its pleasant user experience and clean design implemented through a single design system.

Accessibility is the other area differentiating Rabet. Rabet is the only client that allows you to carry out all Stellar operations on a simple and intuitive user interface. These operations consist of flags management, the establishment of trust lines, path payments, and more.

Target market

Anyone familiar with Stellar is a potential user. Our users are divided into two general categories:

  1. Businesses and Developers

All online businesses aiming to inject Stellar into their application can exploit Rabet to interact with their users.

For example, imagine a cryptocurrency payment gateway, such as BitPay, that would rely on Rabet to sign transactions on their payment page.

  1. Ordinary Users

These are users who directly interact with Stellar in any way. This could be an asset builder who intends to manage his/her flags or an ordinary user conducting operations on the network, such as sending assets.


Useful by design

Rabet is designed with accessibility in mind, allowing users to execute Stellar's major operations in a user-friendly environment.

Secure by default

All the data in the Rabet is encrypted and stored on your local device. Therefore, you are in complete control of your data.

Made for interaction

Anything you have yet gained was derived from the interaction. The structure of Rabet is designed such that one can interact with the next generation financial network, i.e., Stellar.

Support for various platforms

Rabet is available to everyone on any operating system and deviceโ€”browsers, smartphones, desktops. Just choose your device and install it.

Rabet is Your Identity

In the Stellar world, Rabet is your passport, letting you interact with any SApp you wish.

Market research

Industry and market research

Similar to any other revolution, the bitcoin and blockchain revolution started with ideal goals. The most important of these objectives was decentralization and freedom of financial operations.

Early blockchains did not affect people's daily lives. However, with the advent of DeFi (decentralized finance), the situation changed, and people learned that they could do financial transactions such as asset transfer, asset exchange, and lending on blockchain networks. At present, DeFi is a 75 billion dollar industry with hundreds of thousands of daily active users, and thousands of Fin-tech companies seeking to build their own applications on the blockchain.

However, just as you need an interface and identity before you can use banking services, you need a software client for DeFi to do the same. This is where Rabet comes in to expand Stellar's DeFi capabilities.

At the moment, MetaMask on Ethereum is the largest client with more than 10 million users. Rabet is positioned to experience similar growth as its market share is directly proportionate to the growth of the Stellar ecosystem: as Stellar gains more traction and attracts more liquidity, Rabet will become more popular. The opposite also holds: as more people learn about Rabet and its capabilities, they essentially become active users on Stellar, effectively growing the entire ecosystem.

Threats and opportunities (SWOT)


Support for desktop, mobile, and web.

A consistent design system was applied to all Rabet clients.

Enjoyable UX/UI.

Support for all Stellar operations.


Lack of recognition in the community.

Lack of widespread adoption.


The continuous growth of the Stellar ecosystem and Fintechs becoming more interested in the network.

Adding Automated Market Maker (AMM) to Stellar and the explosion of liquidity in Stellar, which will boost Rabet's adoption.


Marketing and Sales

We have two main programs for marketing our product:

  1. Giveaway programs: Each month, we will hold four random draws among users who install Rabet to encourage participation and attract new users.

  2. PR: We will collaborate with reputable crypto outlets to promote Rabet and Stellar through educational content and news stories.

Activating and retaining users requires a well-defined process consisting of the value and experience the user gains by interacting with the product and brand.

We have identified three key factors that, when delivered correctly, can create an excellent experience for users, establish trust, and maximize the value they receive. These factors are as follows:

  1. Enjoyable UX/UI

  2. Reliable customer support

  3. Comprehensive features

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