Milestone 1 βœ…

  1. Studying Stellar's structure

  2. Structure design and implementation of the pages in the extension

  3. Injecting Horizon to the extension

  4. Releasing the Chrome extension

  5. Obtaining community feedback and applying improvements

  6. Releasing the Firefox, Edge extensions

In Milestone I, we released the extension version because the majority of users will rely on an extension to perform operations on the network.

We started development with Google Chrome given its higher market share as it afforded more opportunities for testing and obtaining community feedback.

We upgraded the app based on the feedback we received from the community and added various features until the extension reached a stable point in terms of performance and user-friendliness.

Next, we gradually prepared for the other browsers and released the Firefox and Edge versions of Rabet.

Milestone 2 βœ…

  1. Introducing Rabet Token (RBT)

  2. Pre-sale

  3. Public sale

  4. Listing in the exchagnes

In Milestone 2, We have made a major decision to create a large ecosystem on Stellar’s client layer. We believe that, in addition to the DAO-managed core of Stellar, a community-governed ecosystem must be present on the client-side. To this end and to create a powerful ecosystem, we have decided to mint Rabet tokens (RBT) to turn our community members into stakeholders in the value that Rabet creates.

Date: Q1 2022

Milestone 3 βœ…

  1. Structure design and implementation of the pages in the desktop version

  2. Injecting Electron JS into the core of the Rabet

  3. Releasing the desktop version (macOS, Linux, and Windows)

  4. Obtaining community feedback and applying improvements

In Milestone 3, we are seeking to implement a desktop version focusing on user-network interactions instead of user-dApp interactions. The desktop version allows users to manage their assets on Stellar without any dApp connections, thereby enhancing security. In other words, the desktop version enjoys all the features of the extension excluding interaction with dApps.

We aim to release Rabet on macOS, Windows, and Linux using JS Electron

Date: Q1 2022

Milestone 4 βšͺ

  1. Structure design and implementation of the pages in mobile version

  2. Releasing the mobile version (PWA)

  3. Obtaining community feedback and applying improvements

In Milestone 4, we will focus on the mobile version. Mobile devices are the most accessible and popular pieces of technology globally. This fact is evident in the number of users of popular wallets. For example, Trust wallet has nearly 10 million mobile users but fewer than 100,000 users on its desktop version.

We intend to release a Progressive Web Application (PWA) instead of developing native mobile apps for three reasons:

  • Faster development

  • Compatible with Rabet's JavaScript core

  • Higher accessibility as PWAs are not dependent on centralized app stores owned by tech giants such as Apple and Google who have strict rules for apps with financial use cases.

A notable feature of the mobile version is its SApp store where users can explore and discover Stellar dApps in a safe environment.

Date: Q2 2022

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